Mat Bowles (matgb) wrote in altexe,
Mat Bowles

Volts Rock Night Weds 2nd Feb

Rock night, free entry, but attendance hasn't been high enough so it needs new people to turn up. The main DJ is pretty good, plays a lot of requests and is quite good at judging crowds.

In an attempt to promote it better, he has also enlisted RocSoc at the University as well, although it's only draxar who's doing any promotion, and mapp is helping out DJing.

Last week was fun but quiet. Hopefully this week will be busier, shame to see a night die, especially with free entry into a reasonable venue.

From RocSoc:
Rocsoc will be having a night at Volts this Wednesday (the 2nd). Entry is free, and there are various drinks offers avaible. It'll be a DJ request night, with a combination of Volts resident DJs and RocSoc student DJs, all playing you your requests and a mix of the best in alternative music.

It seems the immediate threat of closure of the night has now mostly gone, though I'm guessing it's still quite dependent on us getting a good number of people there each night. Remember that there's no door charge, so you can happily come and go as you like, even if you just want to pop down for half an hour, you haven't wasted an entry fee.

Yours truely

RocSoc Publicity Officer
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