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Ok people the weekend is upon us once again......what is everyone doing? am probably gonna go into town later and have a couple of drinks in arandom pub, but as usual have no clue as to what is happening.....any thoughts/ideas?

As usual answers on a postcard (or just reply here)
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greetings matey
apparently there is a alt night at Boogies (wherever the fook that is)
and there is some rock bands on at the Zephyr (but i fear that they may indeed be a load of old arse) other than that there is the rock alt shit thing at timepiece

i will have a further hunt.......
hey dude, they all sound pretty dire, but will be coming into town in a bit if u wanna meet up, could go to the globe and ponder over a pint of darkness....
sounds like a fookin plan sir!
im covering dave til 8 so just pop in when ye art ready sir